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Property Rules

Your guide to a smooth and enjoyable stay, ensuring harmony for all in our Costa Rican oasis.

  1. Respectful Conduct: We kindly ask all guests to treat the property and its amenities with respect. Please keep noise levels at a considerate level, especially after 10:00 p.m. as it's considered quiet hours, to ensure a peaceful environment for everyone.

  2. Maximum Occupancy: The maximum occupancy of the apartment must be adhered to at all times. Please respect the number of guests specified in your booking. Maximum occupancy per apartment is 4 people as specified in your booking. 

  3. Additional guests: additional guests are not allowed unless previously specified in your booking or otherwise expressly agreed upon. 

  4. Smoking Policy: Smoking is strictly prohibited within the apartment and all common areas of the building, including balconies. 

  5. Pet-Friendly: Guests staying in our pet-friendly apartments are welcome to bring their furry friends. Please ensure your pets are well-behaved and follow the building's pet rules, including using the provided dog park. Pets are not to be left unattended at any moment during your stay. It is mandatory that you clean after your pets. 

  6. Pool and Common Areas: Enjoy the pool and common areas responsibly. Follow all safety rules and guidelines, such as showering before using the pool and adhering to specified hours of use.

  7. Security and Entry: Keep the apartment securely locked when not present. Do not provide access to unauthorized individuals. The safety of your belongings is your responsibility. We will provide you with a set of keys and an access RFID card, please do not lose these items. 

  8. Property Cleanliness: We take pride in providing a clean and comfortable environment. Please help us maintain it by cleaning up after yourselves and following provided guidelines for waste disposal.

  9. Damages and Losses: Guests are responsible for any damages or losses incurred during their stay. Report any issues to us immediately to avoid additional charges. Should you lose or damage any items you shall be charged for their replacement. 

  10. Check-out Procedure: Upon check-out, please ensure all windows and doors are securely closed and locked, lights are turned off, and all keys and access cards are returned to the lobby.

  11. Guest Registration: For security purposes, all guests must be registered with us. Please provide accurate guest information during the booking process, we will provide you with a form that we request you fill to the best of your knowledge. 

  12. Waste disposal: Guests are required to dispose of any waste in the designated spaces such as the trash cans in the bathroom and under the sink in the kitchen. 

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